2021 Scenic Vermont Calendars!

My calendars have made great Christmas presents for the last 10+ years!.

My calendars have made great Christmas presents for the last 10+ years!.
Calendar Details –
11″ x 8.5″, coil binding, white interior paper (100# weight), full-color interior ink
Interior Color: Full-color
Paper Quality: 100#
Cover Finish: Gloss
Shipping Origin: Global

Still only $14.99 (Plus tax, shipping, and all those other charges). Basically, $20.00 each. Totally worth it.

all the information you need for my Scenic Vermont Calendar, as well as my Autumn in Vermont Calendar can be found here-

Vermont Calendars.


Looking down into Woodstock in early October


The Whimsy Farm near Arlington


On the back roads of East Montpelier in early October.


Horse barn on the back roads of Barre


Autumn in Northfield.

Looking out towards Moretown.

Autumn at the Hillside Acres Farm in Barnet Vermont

I have wanted to reshoot this farm for years. Friday was the day.

On some back road in the NEK.

It was one of those “I wonder where this road goes” type of things. My GPS had no idea where I was either.

Up in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.


A picture perfect Sunday in East Montpelier

I thought I would get away from the house yesterday. Sara, (Suzy’s sister and litter mate) was driving me nuts. (Sara is confused. Her sister is gone and she doesn’t know what happened. Although, I would imagine she suspected that something bad happened to Suzy). Sara is sweet and lovable. Sara is like a big teddy bear with sharp teeth and claws. For some reason, Sara seems to think that sleeping right next to me, with her ass in my face, is OK. (I love Sara dearly). So, I took a quick trip to East Montpelier.