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Stephen Peterson and his Deputy steward, Jack, take great care of Wu Ledges in Waitsfield

What brought you to the Valley and how long have you been here?  I came to the Valley in January of 1988.  My sister was working at the Sugarbush Ski School and mentioned that the ski patrol was looking for people to join their team.  Being dissatisfied with my job at the time in northern New Jersey, computer/office equipment sales, I decided to quit my job and I set sail for the mountains of Vermont!

Once here, I got an interview with patrol but due to my lack of first aid certifications and sub-par skiing skills I didn’t join patrol right away.  Instead, I was hired by Sugarbush as a patrol trail hand.  Over the next summer I earned Winter Emergency Care (WEC) and CPR certifications.  With those and improved skiing skills from being on the hill and under the wing of senior patrollers every day, I got my spot on the Sugarbush Ski Patrol the following winter.

Where are you from originally?  I am an Air Force brat.  I was born on Westover AFB, MA and then lived in Nebraska, New Hampshire, Hawaii, and California.  After my father’s retirement from the USAF my family moved to my mother’s hometown in northern New Jersey. I attended SUNY Oswego for my freshman year and finished at Syracuse University before returned to Jersey and then eventually landing in Vermont.

What do you love most about the valley?
Powder days, of course!

Why did you join stewardMRV?
I saw a post on FPF that they were looking for a steward for Wu Ledges and since I was already walking our dog up Hastings Road most every day, it was a great fit and very rewarding.  I am now on year 3 of being the steward for Wu Ledges.

What do you find most personally rewarding about being a steward?
Meeting and helping valley visitors and locals enjoy some of the natural beauty of our area.

What is your favorite story/find/moment being a steward?
Running into folks with friendly dogs that have a good play session with our dog, Jack (Deputy steward).

What do you hope to see improve in the valley?
The number and variety of places to go out to eat.


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