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The Shires of Vermont Byway.

Route 7A.  Pownal to Manchester, Vermont.

Tucked between the Taconic Mountains and Green Mountains, along Route 7A, the Shires of Vermont is a place of majestic mountain views, brilliant fall foliage, and wonderful towns, including the bookend towns of Bennington and Manchester. Historic Route 7A runs parallel to the Long Trail, a hiker’s path that follows the length of Vermont from Massachusetts to Canada; part of the Long Trail also is the Appalachian Trail. Each town of the Shires has its own ambiance. Pownal has organic farms against a backdrop of mountains. Bennington is a pretty place with interesting dining and shopping. Old Bennington is the home of the Bennington Battle Monument and it is filled with traditional New England architecture. Manchester, a four-season destination, is known today for golf, fishing, skiing, the arts, and shopping.

Byway Map

The Shires of Vermont Byway.

Route 7A Pownal to Manchester, Vermont.
Distance from Pownal to Manchester is 33 miles – an easy distance that allows for a lot of stopping and sightseeing along the way.
More information can be found on the Explore The Shires Web Site.