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Unless you live under a rock you know that many areas of Vermont experienced severe flood damage last week, but the Mad River Valley is currently open and welcoming visitors. Learn about what’s open and how to enjoy our little slice of heaven, We were fortunate to have avoided most of the flooding. Mad River Valley businesses are back to normal operations, with most sustaining very little, if any, damage from the storms. The main routes into town (Route 100 and I-89) are fully open and visitors are able to access the Mad River Valley via Route 100. Depending on your travels, be sure to check for any road closures in other parts of the state that may impact your journey.

We want to assure that your upcoming trip and experience to the Valley is as smooth and fun as possible. Please consider the following when planning your trip:

  • Hiking and Biking Trail conditions are ever-change with the vagaries of the weather. Please check Trail Conditions before heading out – the latest info can be found from our friends at the Green Mountain Club and the Mad River Riders Mountain Bike Trail Info).
    • If trails are very muddy, please do not hike or bike on them.
    • If trails are mostly dried out but have a few puddles, they can be used but hikers and bikers should go through the puddles instead of walking around as that can hurt the surrounding vegetation, widens the trail and causes more issues.
  • Swimming is currently not advised in many places throughout  Vermont. The Mad River has  fast moving water and may be contaminated due to runoff from the floods. Friends of the Mad River, our local river stewardship organization, does not provide real time testing of water quality for swimming safety. E Coli testing is useful for determining trends but not for describing current conditions. What they do know is that E Coli / bacteria levels are highest after it rains and that swimmers should wait at least 24 hours before entering the water. After bigger storms the timeline can take a little longer and it is recommended to wait until flows return to normal levels. Swimmers should also avoid fast moving water or water where they cannot see the bottom of the river. All swimming is done at the individual’s own risk.
    • The Waterbury Reservoir (Waterbury Center State Park) is planning to re-open July 22. Guests interested in visiting should check the most recent water test on their website or call the Waterbury Center State Park at (802) 244-1226 for the latest update.

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