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Whether you are traveling to Stowe or another destination, we like to encourage responsible travel. From your transportation choices to avoiding single-use plastics, here are five tips to be a more sustainable traveler.

1. Choose Transportation Wisely

Whether planes, trains or automobiles, there are so many ways nowadays to get from point A to point B. It helps to think like a more sustainable traveler when booking your trip. If you choose to fly, choose a low-carbon airline and try to fly nonstop if you have the option. Pack lighter or only bring a carry-on as heavier luggage contributes to more CO2 emissions. If you are driving to your destination, carpool if necessary to minimize the number of cars on the road. Once at your destination, try to explore on foot or by bike if possible and only drive when you have to. The Stowe Recreation Path is a great way to explore without your vehicle. Utilize public transportation when available, such as our Mountain Road Shuttle.

2. Pack Reusable Items

Reusable is the name of the game! Travelers will often bring a refillable water bottle for their trip, but other reusable items such as snack bags and shopping bags can also be an environmentally friendly way to travel. Many hotels have incorporated filling stations in common areas for travelers to access water without having single-use bottles available. If a traditional size water bottle is too bulky to pack, there are many new collapsible alternatives that are a lighter option for travel. In addition, Vermont no longer allows plastic shopping bags. While many outlets offer a paper option, it is encouraged to carry your own reusable tote for shopping. Hitting the slopes or the trails while you’re here? Packing snacks in silicone or reusable snack bags can help limit discarded wrappers.

3. Leave No Trace

Carry in, carry out is fairly common practice, but everyone’s collective effort to leave no trace supports a sustainable destination. Help us protect the integrity of our beautiful spaces by picking up after yourself and disposing of waste properly during your visit. Respect our wildlife by observing from a safe distance and do not follow or approach them. Help preserve the ecosystem by not disturbing rocks, plants and other natural objects. Stowe’s vast, extraordinary scenery is what makes our destination truly special so we ask that guests cherish it the same way locals do.

4. Help Preserve Our Trails

Stowe is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. Offering a plethora of outdoor recreational activities all year round, it is extremely important to preserve our trail system. The northeast experiences all sorts of weather conditions that impact our trails and knowing how to navigate and respect changing trail conditions will help preserve our trails for the future. Please check trail conditions before heading out: Green Mountain ClubStowe MTB TrailsTrapp Family Lodge Trails. If trails are very muddy, please do not hike or bike on them. If trails are mostly dried out but have a few puddles, they can be used but hikers and bikers should go through the puddles instead of walking around as that hurts the surrounding vegetation, widens the trail and causes more erosion.

5. Shop Local

Another aspect of sustainable tourism, supporting local businesses is an important part of preserving a destination. Vermont is known for its locally sourced ingredients, handmade goods and artisan crafts. Shopping at the local farmers’ market is common amongst locals and guests, which supports our local farmers and artists. Restaurants all around Vermont often feature local ingredients on their menus as well as local craft beers and spirits. Stowe is home to locally owned boutiques, country stores, galleries, specialty markets, sporting goods stores and more. Be sure to stop by when you’re in town.

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