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Early fall Foliage in Waitsfield Vermont

I took a quick trip over to Waitsfield to see how the colors are starting to look. It seems a little early this year. How the lack of rain will affect the foliage is a big unknown.

Lower Cox Brook and Northfield Falls Covered Bridges in Northfield

I thought I would go out yesterday and check on the foliage. It’s still a little early but, it’s starting.

I think I will sit here for a while and wait for foliage season.

Seyon Lodge State Park in Groton Vermont

A picture perfect Sunday in East Montpelier

I thought I would get away from the house yesterday. Sara, (Suzy’s sister and litter mate) was driving me nuts. (Sara is confused. Her sister is gone and she doesn’t know what happened. Although, I would imagine she suspected that something bad happened to Suzy). Sara is sweet and lovable. Sara is like a big teddy bear with sharp teeth and claws. For some reason, Sara seems to think that sleeping right next to me, with her ass in my face, is OK. (I love Sara dearly). So, I took a quick trip to East Montpelier.

One of my little buddies, Suzy.

For those who are not personal friends with me, This is Suzy. Suzy is in charge. Suzy runs the house. Suzy gets whatever she wants. Suzy can do NO WRONG. Suzy is sweet and lovable. Suzy was attached to my hand. I got nothing accomplished when she was within reach. If she wanted me to pet her, I would pet her… Could you say No to her?

As a lot of you know, My mother passed back in February. When she passed I inherited her three kitties. About a month ago, I found out that Suzy had kidney disease. At the time, we figured that with dieting and lots of liquids, she would be around for a couple more years. So we thought. Suzy was back to her normal self last week. All the sudden, things went south fast.  Sadly, I had to say Goodbye to Suzy yesterday. :(. Mentally, she was same ole Suzy. Physically, the kidney disease took over faster that I would have imagined. I’m so bummed out right now. I miss my little buddy following me around. Her nagging me to pet her. Her having dinner with me. Watching TV with her. We all know how our pets are intertwined in out lives.

If you have a cat over 10 years old, Get their kidneys checked. It is common for cats to develop kidney disease as they age. I have no idea how long she was sick but, I wish I had a clue long ago.

Goodbye Suzy. You are with your mommy now. I really love you and miss you. 

Comstock covered bridge in Montgomery.

Montgomery Vermont Covered Bridges 8-31-2018-8
The Comstock Covered Bridge is a wooden covered bridge that crosses the Trout River in Montgomery, Vermont on Comstock Bridge Road. Built in 1883, it is one of several area bridges built by Sheldon & Savannah Jewett. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.

Willard Twin Covered Bridges in Hartland Vermont

The Willard Covered Bridge is a historic covered bridge carrying Mill Street across the Ottauquechee River in Hartland, Vermont. It is the eastern of two covered bridges on the road, which are connected via a small island in the river; the western bridge was built in 2001. This bridge, built about 1870, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.

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