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Silos on East Warren Road

The Mad River Valley Discovery Map is a great way to help you navigate all of the MRV’s neighborhoods.

The Mad River Valley can be geographically challenging for first time visitors (and some locals too). The topography from the bottom of the valley isn’t necessarily obvious.  So you know, “The Valley” encompasses the entirety of the Mad River  watershed that begins at its headwaters in Granville traveling north for  12 miles to its eventual confluence with the Winooski River in Middlesex.  It meanders its way through the towns of Warren, Waitsfield, Fayston, Granville and Middlesex. Fabled Vermont Route 100 runs parallel to the Mad River for the entire length of “The Valley”(100B through Moretown).  “The Valley” is flanked to the west by the Monroe Skyline section of the Green Mountains and the Northfield Range to the east. If you stop into the MRV’s Welcome Center you’ll find a really cool, oversized relief map that illustrates the local topography beautifully along with more local information than you can shake a stick at..

Outdoor recreation is what binds our The Best of Route 100 region. Learn more about what we have to offer.

Along the entire length of the Mad River Valley you’ll be overwhelmed by a palpable sense of place. There are plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the stunning beauty and our legendary local flair. To encourage exploration we have found it is helpful to view our community as a group of distinct “neighborhoods” strung along the length of the river like  pearls.. Each one has amazing eateries, unique shops and  a collection of talented local makers.  The best way to explore is to grab a good local map and plan the exploration of our neighborhoods and everything in between. Learn more about  Waitsfield’s Bridge Street Marketplace, the shops of Irasville, scenic  Warren Village, and our northern gateway village of Middlesex. Slow down, take a back road, and make  a memory in the Mad River Valley. You’ll find beauty, serendipity and fun around every bend.

On your trek through the MRV you may be traveling to and from our good neighbors up in Waterbury and Stowe. We work together with them to promote the The Best of VT Route 100 region. It truly is a world-class driving experience, in fact the Mad River Byway is one of a collection of scenic Vermont roads recognized for their archeological, cultural, historic, natural recreational and  scenic qualities.

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