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Summertime in Vermont is undeniably one of the best times to visit, offering a diverse variety of activities that cater to all interests and ages. The lush landscapes come alive, providing a idyllic backdrop for outdoor adventures like hiking, mountain biking, and paddling. Scenic drives reveal charming small towns and vibrant farmers’ markets bursting with fresh, local produce. Festivals and fairs fill the calendar, celebrating everything from arts and crafts to music and local cuisine. Experience all that summer has to offer in the Stowe area.

Enjoy Endless Outdoor Recreation

What makes summer in Stowe truly special is the wide variety of outdoor recreation that creates a sanctuary for all local and traveling adventurers. Whether you prefer to be up in the mountains, out on the trails or on the water, there is an activity for everyone to take in the summer scenery. With a vast network of world-class hiking and mountain biking trails, Stowe offers a variety of easy, moderate and expert trail options for all ages and abilities. Explore our many rivers, lakes and reservoirs on either a canoe, kayak or stand-up paddleboard (SUP), or cool off during the hotter months at one of our local swimming holes.

Attend One-of-a-Kind Events

The stunning Green Mountain scenery is matched by unique, exciting events that take place in Stowe during the summer season. The town comes alive with outdoor concerts, art festivals, farmers’ markets and much more, offering a rich blend of culture and community spirit. Adventure seekers can join guided hikes and cycling tours that explore the beautiful landscape, while families can enjoy outdoor movie nights and craft fairs that cater to all ages. With its picturesque views and an events calendar brimming with activities, Stowe transforms into a summer haven that promises unforgettable experiences and cherished memories.

Follow Your Taste Buds

Stowe’s food scene is a celebration of quality, locally-sourced ingredients served with a creative twist. Nothing says summer like kicking back on the patio to sample some local, delectable bites from one of the many great restaurants in town. From fine dining to comfort favorites, the menus are sure to delight every palate and satisfy every craving. Vermont has more craft breweries per capita than any other state and Stowe is home to many favorites, welcoming guests from near and far to sip on locally crafted beer, wine, hard cider and spirits. Experience the best local breweries from locals themselves with a guided tour from  Savor Vermont or 4 Points VT: Brewery Tours.

Appreciate the Arts

The arts and culture community in Stowe is equally as vibrant and robust as the outdoor recreation. With many galleries and museums around town, there is always something new and beautiful to take in while you’re in Stowe. The town’s artistic personality permeates throughout the community through visual and performing arts, live music and much more. There are also many retail shops where local artists’ work and other locally made crafts and goods can be purchased. Art is the epicenter of many events in Stowe every summer, including Art on Park, Music in the Meadow, The Stowe Jazz Festival and many more.

Take it Easy Around Town

Picture this: the sun is shining. The crisp Vermont air indicates the perfect summer day and you have no where to be. Spend part of your day strolling around town or on the Stowe Recreation Path. Pop in and out of local shops. Grab a coffee or an ice cream cone and savor it on a park bench or sprawl out for a picnic in the grass. Take your relaxation to the next level with a spa day or just exist among the quiet nature. Adopt a slower way of life this summer and unwind in Stowe.

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